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Why I will ONLY ever use Young Living Essential Oils

Why I will ONLY ever use Young Living Essential Oils

Posted by Julie Chertow on 23rd Oct 2021

we the unsuspecting public can never assume that oils bought at markets and health food stores etc... are safe. It's not at all worth saving a few dollars to buy a potentially hazardous oil. Unless you are present on the farm to participate and absolutely KNOW what their growing techniques are, if they spray chemicals on their plants and fields, what kind of water do they use to water the fields? Are they utilizing ONLY stainless steel distilleries to distill their plant material? Are they distilling for enough time to bring out the compounds and every plant is different and has completely different time requirements? Remember there are NO labeling laws so anyone can put on their label, organic, pure, or therapeutic grade etc...and NONE OF IT HAS TO BE TRUE!!!

I still will ONLY use Young Living oils after 38 years of oils usage in my healing practice.

Choose wisely!

Julie Chertow

Young Living Distributor & Educator


Creator of AromaDome®