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AromaDome® Update Info Jan. 2018

AromaDome® Update Info Jan. 2018

Posted by Julie Chertow on 29th Jan 2018

Hello my dear AromaDome® family!

I wanted to let you all know that I unfortunately got word very recently from Young Living that they are choosing to no longer order and sell AromaDomes any longer! :(  

In the 3 -1/2 years that they were selling them, the marketing team never wrote even one word anywhere within Young Living about AromaDome. They never once promoted it, let distributors know about it via the E-newsletter or the Young Living blog or any podcast, holiday catalog or corporate training event. So only if you were at convention and found me in the corner of the Homestore on the floor giving free AromaDome sample sessions for 10 hours a day for the last 4 conventions would you know anything about AromaDome or that YL was even selling them. Even the head manager of YL Japan came up to me at the last convention and she never even knew of AromaDomes existence at all!

So at this point my AromaDome online store is the ONLY place in the world you can buy an AromaDome now.  The only way i would ever let any other place sell them is if i knew  100% for certain that their oils were completely unadulterated from "Seed to Seal™!

With this said I have always from the very beginning even before YL was my customer, i have been selling them through my online store at and i will continue to sell them because i personally feel after using our precious Young Living oils for the last 24 years that this is the most powerful and effective way to use our oils i have ever known and experienced.  Also based on all of your feedback and testimonials this is an agreed upon experience for you all as well.

I am receiving quite a lot of phone calls now asking me if you can just buy the AromaDome and not the diffuser? That you bought the AromaLux diffuser from Young Living and all you need is the dome. I am sorry but the answer to this question is no. Now please give me a moment to explain why this is so you understand.  In order for the AromaDome to work with the AromaLux diffuser, it required special attachment pieces which came in the outer pocket of the AromaDome case. Young Living only order one attachment package kit per AromaDome. Young Living has now sold out of their last AromaDomes and so there are no extra attachment packages in existence. I certainly will not order any as i sell the Advanced diffuser which is the best diffuser i know of on the planet. I designed the AromaDome special pocket where the oil and atomizer top goes into with the Advanced diffuser. Young Living chose their AromaLux Diffuser to use with AromaDome and their engineer designed the attachment pieces to work with the AromaLux so it has nothing whatsoever to do with my online store in any way shape or form.

Another question i get asked all the time is why do i have to buy another diffuser? I already have 4 diffusers i have bought. Ok now please give me the chance to explain why my answer is no. During the 9 years i had been trying to get AromaDome to Gary Young (Founder of Young Living) I was refining and redesigning the AromaDome design often to create and make AromaDome to work in the best optimal effective way. At one point i had tested the AromaDome by placing the Therapro Diffuser on the floor next to the person lying in the dome. This is a diffuser that Young Living was selling at the time. I tested this way with 100 different people and i kept a journal and wrote down every word of feedback that they all gave me. Believe it or not, they all said the same thing! They would say, "What's supposed to be happening in here, I don't feel anything", or What oil are you diffusing? I don't smell anything", or I think your diffuser is broken or clogged up i don't smell any oils"  I was so surprised with this feedback so i went into the AromaDome with the TheraPro diffuser placed on the floor next to me like i did with all 100 different people in this test and i could see right away why they all gave this feedback. The oils were for certain coming out just fine but the mist of oil molecules were coming out and falling immediately to the ground and NOT circulating throughout the AromaDome. This is why no one felt any experience at all. So i had to go back and redesign a special designed pocket up higher where it is now above the zipper to place the atomizer top on the oil bottle. This is the best by far optimal place to have the oil bottle so that the oils circulate throughout the dome for you to have any effect at all! Gary Young even confirmed to me that this is the best optimal placement for the pocket to go.

We all know it only takes one distributor to place a diffuser they already have on the floor which they will not feel anything at all happening to then report to their team members that the AromaDome is bogus and does not do anything and from there  rumors begin and spread like wildfire. If this were to happen it would create a horrible tragedy for the AromaDome to be misrepresented and kill it so that no one would want to buy it and it would become a done deal!  Thankfully there are enough of you i have explained this to throughout the last 3 1/2 years of AromaDomes being sold that you understand this and are helping to let others know this! I deeply appreciate you for helping to pass this on to others. This is the very reason i refuse to sell AromaDomes separately from my AromaDome package with my Advanced diffuser!  Also my Advanced diffuser has a specifically designed original stainless steel attachment piece that the creator of this diffuser made specifically for me so that this diffuser could work with the AromaDome. This is what allows the 6 foot long tubing to attach to the diffuser base on one end and to the atomizer top on the other end. I wanted to take this time to explain in detail why i have refused to sell the AromaDome separately. It was never to try to sell more domes or diffusers it has always only been for this reason i just explained above. Please pass this info on to your group members!

Thank you all for helping to spread the word about AromaDome. We have completely untouched markets in Europe in Japan and in too many other countries to name. All i know is humanity needs this now more than ever.  I trust the right people with the highest integrity will find their way to me. I am open to discuss partnerships to help bring humanity more AromaDomes throughout the world. 

We are and will continue to "Change Lives One Breath at a Time!"