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Q. How do I set up my new Advanced Diffuser?

Follow the steps below.  The Advanced Diffuser is NOT the TheraPro.  You set it up differently.

  1. Select your desired bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil. 
  2. Select either the 5ml adapter top or the 15ml adapter top, based on the size of bottle. 
  3. Remove the cap and plastic orifice from the bottle – PERMANENTLY REMOVE THE PLASTIC RING from the neck of the oil bottle.  Just pull it off!  You must remove it for your diffusion to work.
  4. Attach the Diffuser Atomizer Top to the oil bottle by holding the Atomizer Top in place and turning the oil bottle until secure. 
  5. Grasp the Plastic Tube and connect the plastic end of the tube to the Atomizer Top that is now on the oil bottle. 
  6. Place the oil bottle in the Crescent-Shaped Stand to keep it upright until you are ready to place the oil bottle into the AromaDome. 
  7. Grasp the opposite end of the Plastic Tube, that has a small metal tip, and connect the metal tip of the tube to the airflow output nozzle on the Diffuser Pump. 
  8. Ensure that there are no kinks in the hose. Turn on the Diffuser to test and verify that the hose connection between the Diffuser Pump and Atomizer Top is secure and that oil vapor is being created. 
  9. Turn off the Diffuser and continue setup of your AromaDome.



Q. If I already have a diffuser, why can’t I use it with the AromaDome®? 

 A.  AromaDome® is designed to be used ONLY with the diffusers that come in our Deluxe Packages and with the Young Living AromaLux WHEN IT IS USED with the Hose and Adapter Top.  No other type of diffuser is approved, suggested or condoned by AromaDome or Essential Wellness LLC, for use with the AromaDome.  This is both for optimal use of AromaDome and safety.

Placement of the oil bottle, diffuser and diffusion stream has been tested over several years while AromaDome® was coming to be.  I found that if the diffuser is placed on the floor next to the user, the oil molecules come out but immediately fall to the ground; therefore, they are not circulating through the dome and filling the dome, so the user is not breathing the molecules into the brain and the lungs where they need to be going.  After years of testing, I found the optimal placement - for maximum use of the oils - is for the oils bottle is to be placed is right where it is in the AromaDome, and that is up high in the specially placed pocket up above the zipper on the inside of the dome. The diffuser in our packages comes with a tube and a special adapter top that screws on to the oils bottle, so perfect placement is easy - right into the built-in pocket in the AromaDome.  The package includes two different adapter tops: one that fits in the 5 ml bottle and the other in the 15 ml bottle.

For those of you who already have an AromaDome from Young Living Convention 2014, make sure to use ONLY the AromaLux Diffuser WITH the Tube and Adapter Top that came in the Pocket in the AromaDome case of the AromaDome you bought at Convention.  You can also buy one of our Packages with the diffuser we are offering.  

The diffusers that come in our Deluxe Packages and the Young Living AromaLux use Cold Air and NO heat and NO water and are designed with a pump, tube and oil bottle adpater for correct placement of the oil bottle and diffusion stream.  

Essential Wellness LLC DOES NOT condone the use of any other style of diffuser. 


Q.  I am trying to order my AromaDome and I keep getting the error message: "The zip code you supplied failed validation"  What does this mean?  What do I do?

A. The problem is very likely occurring at the "payment gateway" and that means that the address that you entered for your billing address did not match the address you have on file with the bank/credit card you are using for your purchase. It is not a shipping issue.  Paypal or Stripe (the non-paypal option) rejected the transaction because they found a different address associated with your bank/credit card.  So, confirm the address you have on file with your bank/credit card and re-submit the order with that billing address.


Q. Can I buy in bulk?

A. Yes!  BULK ORDERS come in increments of 12 Aroma Dome® Deluxe Packages.  BULK ORDERS are listed in the SHOP tab as a separate item.  

Here's how the pricing works:
Buy 1 Bulk Order to receive 12 Aroma Dome® Deluxe Package Sets for $2300 ($191.66 per Package)
Buy 2 Bulk Orders to receive 24 Aroma Dome® Deluxe Package Sets for $4520 ($188.33 per Package)
Buy 3 Bulk Orders to receive 36 Aroma Dome® Deluxe Package Sets for $6675 ($185.42 per Package)


Q. Can I buy wholesale?

A. Wholesale orders start at 1000 units.  If you would like to purchase 1000 units or more at one time, please email us at 


Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes!  We ship internationally via that U.S. Post Office.

Please Note: On international orders, purchasers must pay applicable Duty & Taxes upon pick-up, once the shipment arrives at the  destination.  We have no control over this and we cannot estimate the cost - this comes from the destination country.

International tax and duty: International shipments are subject to import fees, duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches the destination country, in addition to the brokerage fees/custom clearance charges which may be imposed by the carrier. These charges must be borne by the recipient. AromaDome has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they might be.


Q.  How do I fold up my AromaDome?

A.  It folds up just like a sun shade for your car window. It folds inward like a figure 8. There are drawings of it in the instruction booklet as well as an instructional video showing How to Open and Close your AromaDome®  in the “How To Use” section of the website.  Watch the video - it's so easy once you get it!


Q.  Why can’t I just use a children’s pop up tent?

A. First of all, the material used to make children’s tents has a PU (Poly Urethane) coating as well as a Fire Retardant coating. Therapeutic Grade essential oils have been scientifically proven to digest such chemicals.  If the oils were diffused inside such a tent, the enclosed area of the tent could fill with these chemicals and the user could breathe these chemicals in, potentially causing harm to the brain and lungs.  If you know of anyone doing this PLEASE stop them right away!!!  The AromaDome® material contains no PU coating as well as no Fire Retardant.  Also, the children’s tent does not have a specially placed pocket for the optimal usage of the oils.


Q. Do I need to close the zipper?

A. YES! The AromaDome fabric, “the skirting” that goes along the bottom sides of the dome must be tucked under and the zipper must be zipped up, so the oils are contained for best results.


Q.  Why is there a window in the back of the AromaDome?

A. The window is there to open during AromaDome sessions should someone need an air break.  Or if a health care practitioner or a friend is giving another person a session in the AromaDome they can enter new oil bottles through the back window, and also check on the user.


Q.  What is the pocket in the back of the AromaDome, under the window, for?

A.  The back pocket is there to hold 2 extra bottles of therapeutic grade essential oils for any particular treatment that requires changing of the oils during an AromaDome session.  If you are using the AromaDome by yourself, you can place your oils in the back pocket before you start your session. 

I suggest you write down on paper what your personal protocol is and which oils you chose to use during your treatments.  Create a little knowledge bank for yourself!


 Q. Is it important for me to Hydrate before going into the AromaDome?

A. Yes it is. You will have a better session if your body is hydrated. I suggest you watch and learn from the video in the “How to Use” section titled “Optimize Your AromaDome Session”.


Q. Where can I find oil protocols to use in the AromaDome? 

A. In my book, “AromaDome Changing Lives One Breath at a Time” you will find some protocols for both physical and emotional purposes. Also I highly recommend you buy the Essential Oils Desk Reference book. The 6th edition is out now. You can buy this book at Life Science Publishing at 800-336-6308 or at 


Q. Can I use any brand of essential oils? 

A. There is no regulation for the essential oil industry so any company can put whatever they want on a label. Things like “Certified” can just be a company’s made-up name but not mean anything at all or they can say “Pure” or “Natural” or “Organic” but not mean this at all. There are less than 1% truly pure therapeutic Grade Essential oils on the planet and the only one that I will recommend that is safe and effective for optimal healing are the Young Living Essential Oils.  I would choose a company that has their own farms, and distills their own oils in stainless steel distilleries, and tests and bottles their own oils, rather than some company that are just oil brokers that pick up the phone to place orders of oil for their company any day. Remember you will be using the oils in a contained, enclosed area, so the oils are very concentrated, and you must be very careful not to cause any harm by using any adulterated oils in the AromaDome. Do your homework before making your choice is the best advice I can give to you. After using 20 different brands for 14 years in my personal massage practice, I have ONLY used Young Living oils now for the past 20 years!  Need I say more?

AromaDome and Essential Wellness LLC  DOES NOT suggest or advise the use of any substance for diffusion in the AromaDome except Young Living Essential Oils.


Q. Do you have an Affiliates program?

A. This is To Be Determined and we will news-blast when we have more information - via AromaDome® Newsletter, Aroma Dome® Facebook page and in the Blog on this, The Official Aroma Dome® Website.


Q. Can I distribute Aroma Dome® in my home country, or well, anywhere?

A. This is To Be Determined but please email us at with a clear, concise email stating your interest.