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AromaDome® Changing Lives One Breath at a Time 

by Julie Chertow 

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Here is what people are saying about this book:

"Changing Lives One Breath at a Time, by Julie Chertow, is one of the most beautiful books I have yet to see and read on essential oils. I love the cover, as well as the color photos inside. Julie says she wrote it in just two weeks of intense concentration to meet a deadline, but what she has condensed there is a lifetime of contemplation and learning. I see twenty years of research and experience in that book. There is so much information and wisdom in there that can benefit anyone who uses therapeutic grade, Young Living Essential Oils. I especially appreciated her commentary and insight into the emotional releasing aspects of the oils, which are, perhaps, the most important features of all. I am grateful that Julie has expressed her experience and knowledge so well, and in such a way that we can all benefit, even those of us who are long time veterans of the oils and have been doing emotional releasing with them for years. Thanks, Julie, for sharing so much, and with such conviction and enthusiasm."

David Stewart, PhD,  Author of 17 books including Healing Oils of the Bible 

"I loved Julie's book about the AromaDome. It was easy to read and understand and I can hardly wait to get my
AromaDome. Reading this book makes you understand how every home should own an AromaDome and how
it can have such a positive impact on all areas of your health. Using the AromaDome will become part of my
daily schedule. This is a must read book! Highly recommended!"

Barb Doyle, South Carolina 

"Julie I just got your book and I love it. I think it has done more to explain oils to me than any other book I've read. And I've read a lot. I will be buying many more to share with my downline.”

Melody Baxter 

"The AromaDome book is full of Julie Chertow's eloquent health wisdom as well as how to use her innovative AromaDome with Young Living Oils. I personally watched hundreds of people have miraculous releases, healings and openings with AromaDome and Julie's book will assist everyone to utilize the Dome to the fullest. In my view AromaDome is an affordable hyperbaric chamber."

Laura Legere, Massage Therapist, Educator and Trainer in Essential Oils, Author of It's Not Weird Anymore: An Extraordinary True Tale, Winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Award

"Julie Chertow wrote the AromaDome book with great clarity and confidence. As she tells us about the use of the AromaDome with her clients I was taken on a journey of healing and a desire for a personal experience. Her text is dense with insight and yet very easy to reference. I love her simple but clear description of the AromaDome and how it has taken this experience of essential oils to the next level! Julie Chertow is divinely inspired and has blessed us with a simple way of inhalation that for me personally created a most amazing clearing of the sinuses only after a few sessions! I see this opening up a whole new way of treating my clients as well and teaching them a new way of using our precious oils."

Sophia Sharpe,
Young Living Platinum


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