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julie-chertow.jpgI am privileged to be a Minister of healing for over 34 years now.  I have used Young Living oils for 25 years in my healing Ministry on thousands of people - watching, witnessing tremendous changes, profound healings and transformations that I never saw in my 12 years of healing work prior to using Young Living.

There is a perfection in there being such a grand re-emergence of awareness and knowledge of therapeutic grade oils in this timing on our planet.  When we have seen the most challenging, confusing darkness, once again we are reminded that God ALWAYS provides what we need to remember.

So this is what I have come to understand and realize in my own personal journey of being gifted by Sophia Sharpe who first introduced me to the oils and to my hero, mentor and traveler of time, Gary Young and to all of you who allow me to use these most holy sacred oils on you and share their magnificence with you. I bow with gratitude for you are the ones who have shown me what is possible and helped me in this realization. And to all of my precious teachers and guides both seen and unseen, I bow to you with no words but a feeling of ah, wonder and love.

And this is my offering to you...

~ Julie Chertow


Julie Chertow has been a Minister of Healing for over 34 years. She began her Ministry in 1983 and spent many years serving the film, television and music industries in the Los Angeles area. Julie currently maintains clientele in Los Angeles, Southern Oregon and New York.

Julie began working with Young Living Oils in 1997 and has trained extensively with Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils. She has traveled to Young Living’s farms in Utah, Idaho, France and Ecuador, participating in 9 different harvests and distillations of the oils, studying directly with Dr. Young. Her thorough practical and experiential knowledge of the oils is applied every day in her healing practice. One of her greatest passions is to share her wealth of knowledge of the Young Living Oils with others. Julie is a Young Living Oils distributor and educator, teaching classes throughout the United States and in Europe, to students at massage schools, therapists in spas and physical therapy centers, to yoga teachers and the general public. Julie brought knowledge of Young Living Oils to Donna Karan’s Urban Zen program which is a national initiative to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern healing modalities. Julie has participated in Yoga Journal conferences bringing the awareness, experience and benefits of using essential oils before, during and after the yoga practice.

Julie designed and created Aroma Dome® out of the need to serve. She is overjoyed to bring this new modality to the world to give Young Living customers and distributors, healers, clients and lovers of the oils a new way to share, use and enjoy maximum benefit from our precious oils!

1467 Siskiyou Blvd # 125
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Sundays: 10am - 6pm