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Why use an AromaDome® in the first place?

What makes this so special?
Hear Expert testimony by Tom Woloshyn. 

Oil Efficiency!

Watch this quick video to learn how to get the most from every bottle.

How To Use Your AromaDome® On A Massage Table

Easy placement you can use anywhere.

The Magic of Intention

Julie demonstrates two powerful techniques to get the most our of every session.

Decades of Mastery

Julie breaks down the easiest ways to get the most out of your . 

AromaDome® and take care of it for many years to come

Higher Wisdom of Essential Wellness

Inventor of the AromaDome®, Julie Chertow, appears on the Am Om podcast discussing essential oil giant Gary Young from Young Living Essential Oils and the importance of raising one's frequency and clearing out what no longer serves you. 

Pat Monahan lead singer of the band "Train" gives a big shout out for 

AromaDome® at Young Living's 20th anniversary convention!

Video Reviews

Katiey Gives Her Review

Hello!  I wanted to give a review for the AromaDome with the use of YoungLiving essential oils.   I highly recommend this product to anyone who is a believer in alternative healing, and even a professional such as a massage therapist or esthetician!   

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AromaDome® Update Info Jan. 2018

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Hello my dear AromaDome® family!I wanted to let you all know that I unfortunately got word very recently from Young Living that they are choosing to no longer o…
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Introducing our brand new AromaDome color!

Posted by Julie Chertow - Creator of AromaDome® on 6th Mar 2016

Hello AromaDome® family!We are so happy to announce we now have our brand new color, "Sea Foam" added to our inventory for your choice. Yes we still have…
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