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One day, a few years ago. I returned from seeing clients in LA and found my friend struggling with Bronchitis, I told her I wanted to get her into a makeshift tent and see if we could help her at all. I went out and bought a mylar blanket. It’s that cheap silver camping blanket that is used for keeping someone warm and dry in an emergency situation. So there she was lying on my massage table. I proceeded to set up a bed tray over her waist area where I could set the diffuser and then I placed the Mylar blanket over her. Then I watched as the whole blanket began to fall on her and on top of the diffuser and I thought, this is never going to work. I am going to have to build up 3 sides of the table to prop up this makeshift tent. So all I could think of was to start gathering everything and anything I could possibly find to build up all these sides of the massage table. This seriously had to be the craziest thing I had ever done in the middle of a healing session. My poor friend was so, so sick and as she was hacking and coughing, I became the great gatherer of anything I could find in my home! I got stools, stacks of books, pots and pans, snow boots, drums, upside down waste baskets, stacks of CD’s and really anything I could find!

The Past
The Present

Well after about 20 minutes of gathering and constructing this ridiculous makeshift tent, all I could think about was, “My God someone has got to invent something easier than this and that is for sure!”

So now I was all set. I had a tent that was being held up with a variety of household objects. At least it made us both laugh and laughter can be beneficial for healing! I put together the oils of Thieves, Oregano, Clove and Raven and set the timer on my cold air diffuser for 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. I instructed my friend to begin to breathe very deeply with intention. First to breathe in through her nose and exhale through her nose, and then change to inhaling through her mouth with her lips pierced. And just continue to breathe back and forth like this. After a total of 15 minutes of diffusing these oils she was mostly symptom free! We were both astonished and wonderfully surprised, and so happy. She had been suffering for 6-8 weeks by this time and had tried so many different things to help her. Her husband had begun to get her symptoms so I said, well let’s tent him too. He came the next day and there I was again having to be the great gatherer of ridiculous amounts of household items, finding my self feeling quite embarrassed saying “someone” has got to invent something that is easier than this set up.

Again I diffused the same oils for her husband and in 15 or so minutes all of his symptoms he was experiencing subsided and all was well. I have to say it is such a privilege to bare witness watching people transform and heal right before my eyes. I think our human bodies are naturally attuned to wellness and life. If we remove blockages and give the body the tools it needs it will naturally gravitate back to vibrant health. The oils are the perfect tools on so many levels which I will go more into in a while.

This is how Aroma Dome® startedimage4-25-400x319.jpg

So then, I went back to see my clients in Los Angeles and a client of mine who had been in the huge Malibu fires was extremely ill from smoke inhalation. He was heavily wheezing in his lungs and was having a very difficult time breathing. I said, “We need to tent you!” But at my Santa Monica healing studio I did not have a mylar blanket or all the necessary things to build up a make shift tent. So I grabbed a beach towel and with one hand I held up the towel and with the other hand I held the diffuser on his abdominal area.

This was not an easy task but I was willing to give it a go to help this poor man who was suffering so badly. All the while thinking again this is ridiculous someone needs to invent some kind of tent that just pops open if need be during a healing session. In about 7 minutes into diffusing he started hacking and coughing so badly I thought, uh oh this does not sound good.

He jumped up off the massage table, knocked over the diffuser and ran for the bathroom! I was pretty concerned from what I was hearing with his horrible coughing and the sounds coming from him were not familiar to me.

5 minutes later he came back to the healing room and told me he had coughed up a brownish black piece of gunk from his lungs that was the size of his thumb and he said he felt 100% better. All his symptoms were GONE!!!

This was absolutely remarkable to both of us. He was thrilled and told me he had been suffering day and night for 3 months and had gone to several doctors and tried different modalities to heal but nothing changed his condition. Very impressive, needless to say.

And this is when I found myself saying out loud “I am the one.”

And my client said, “You are the one for what?”

I said, “I am the one who is supposed to invent this tent.”



My Ah Ha Moment

One day I was sitting on my couch contemplating the Young Living oils. I was thinking about them from a different perspective than usual. I asked, what is it really that they are doing beyond the obvious? The obvious is pretty spectacular but there for sure is something that is so profound, very subtle, something that is mystical. I was always aware of this feeling but could never put my finger on it.

I started to think about the consciousness of nature. I started to contemplate the absolute perfection and how I myself feel when I am in the presence of nature.  I would gaze at a tree for example and just be silent and watch its simple glory - how it stands so tall and how it is rooted deep into the earth with such a strong foundation and how a tree keeps growing upward, always toward the light.  I would gaze in a forest and watch the many trees standing side by side and think, wow they are never in comparison with one another, and there is no competition, no fear, no lack, and no judgment. They do not complain and never have any issue of feeling good enough. They are who and what they are. A tree has no opinion if a fire should come upon it and burn it to the ground. It re-grows itself. It has no worries if children climb upon its branches or lovers carve their names into its trunk. Or if human beings cut it down to build things.

And then something even bigger opened in my consciousness in another "ah ha" moment when I realized this consciousness of nature is where our oils come from! We are breathing them in and bathing in them and rubbing them on our precious bodies and taking them internally and drinking them in our water and using them in our food and diffusing them in our homes. This consciousness of nature that the trees and all the flowers and plants provide for us, with the sacred extract of their life blood, their sacred essences, is the very consciousness that is entering into our own blood and brain and cells. And then I got the bigger picture... the realization that what is truly happening is that our oils are helping to uplift humanity and bring us back to our purer innocence and original state of being before we got fully conditioned.  I realized this is what I saw happening person after person after person. Undeniably so.

And the best thing is that it never matters whether people believe that they work or not or if they have studied and researched them scientifically or have any understanding whatsoever, the oils still work.

So when I share with people who are overwhelmed or uncertain about how to share the oils with others or how to use them…  Open the bottle. Put a couple of drops anywhere on your body. The oils know what their purpose is. They know what to do. It is their unwavering mission.


For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.
~Sanskrit Proverb

In Sanskrit, pranayama is considered the Science of Breath. Prana is the life force that permeates our beings. When we breathe more fully and deeply, we become more aware, more intuitive, more alert, calmer, and have an integration of body, mind, and spirit. Breathing deeply massages the internal organs, increasing circulation and bringing nutrients to all parts of the body. Inhaling through our nose filters out particulates and has a more direct effect to stimulate our brain. Repressing breathing can actually repress feelings. There is a common lineage shared among the words “spirit,” “inspiration,” and “respiration.” Oxygen nourishes every cell in our being.

Our lungs expand and contract about twenty thousand times a day. The average person draws in twelve breaths a minute. This process brings oxygen and prana into the body and eliminates carbon dioxide. Through our lungs we are directly connected to our environment.

Let’s trace the intricate path that essential oils take through our olfactory system – it is a brilliant system! The membranes in our olfactory are very small and are protected by the lining of our nose. Housed in the lining are 800 million nerve endings that receive the vaporized oil particles. The particles go on their way through the olfactory bulb and impulses are then transported to the limbic region of our brain and the sensory area at the base of our brain, then passing through the pituitary and pineal glands as well as to our amygdala, which is the brain center where emotions are stored and released (often the emotions of trauma and fear). The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain, our emotional control center. All of the areas mentioned are stimulated by only one breath of a pure unadulterated essential oil. With this in mind, go ahead and get one of your favorite oils now and take some good breaths in your Aroma Dome®. Envision the oil particles traveling this pathway and all that is being affected!

Our pineal gland is housed in the limbic part of our brain. Our pineal gland is our direct access to our higher self, our true divine nature. Oxygen or the lack of it greatly affects our brain. We have a highly sophisticated communication system between our receptors and our nerve endings that effect many functions. I am not a scientist just very fascinated as to the vastness of our brain… and how the oils affect it. I have written about my experience and observations in my book,

Aroma Dome® Changing Lives One Breath at a Time