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I am receiving quite a lot of emails now asking me if you can just buy the AromaDome® and not the diffuser?  Many are telling me that you bought the AromaLux diffuser from Young Living and all you need is the AromaDome. I am sorry but the answer to this question is no. Now please give me a moment to explain why this is so and so you understand that i totally and completely have your back 100% and I am unwilling to compromise your treatments in the AromaDome!

 In order for the AromaDome to work with the AromaLux diffuser, it requires special attachment pieces that the engineer of Young Living specifically designed to work with the AromaLux diffuser. Young Living then ordered the AromaDomes from me which are the exact same design as mine except only a different color that Young Living chose. The only difference is the branding with the logos the way YL chose for them to be and one extra velcro strip to hold in the tubing better with the AromaLux.

Young Living ONLY ordered 1 attachment package per AromaDome and no extras. This attachment package came in the outer pocket of the AromaDome carrying case and is ONLY a match to work with the AromaLux diffuser. Now that Young Living is choosing to no longer sell the AromaDome, and apparently have sold out of stock there are no more attachment packages.  I myself cannot order any for two reasons… first is, it was designed by the Young Living engineer and 2nd, any company making any product requires a minimum amount to order. This can vary from usually 1500 units up to 2000 or 2500. It just depends on the company. But its not even my design so I could never legally place an order for this attachment piece.

I personally spent 9 years trying every which way to get Young Living/ Gary Young to see and try the AromaDome! During this time period as a hands on healer/bodyworker, i was using my one prototype for all of the 9 years while upgrading, testing, tweaking it and making any necessary changes until i got it just right and until i knew for certain that it was having full benefits. One of my tests that i conducted was by placing the Young Living TheraPro diffuser on the ground next to 100 different people in the AromaDome. I kept a journal and wrote down word for word verbatim what each of the 100 test participants were giving me in feedback. All 100 people were saying the exact same things!

They were saying “What’s supposed to be happening in here? I do not feel anything”, or “What oil are you diffusing? I do not smell anything?” or “I think your diffuser is clogged or broken, i do not smell anything”

After all 100 people shared the same thing using different words, I went into the AromaDome myself to find out why the heck everyone was saying this and i could see right away that the oil molecules were coming out just fine, but would immediately drop to the ground and the molecules were not at all circulating throughout the dome. It became quite obvious that in order for the benefits of our precious oils to be effective, it required me to go back to the so called “drawing board” and design a specialized shelf or pocket to hold the diffuser or atomizer top to place this pocket strategically in a position that the oils would really profoundly circulate in a way that each and every person would feel and benefit from an AromaDome session. So the special pocket is now placed high up above the zipper facing each person. Gary Young even highly approved of the pocket placement and said this was the best choice for the placement of the pocket to give everyone the most benefit and agreed it would never work correctly to place a diffuser on the ground! After all 100 people told me they cold not feel or smell anything that’s all it took for me to know this would never work. So because i am so in love with our amazing Young Living oils and have been using them for 25 years in my healing practice, i know what is possible i have seen the most profound transformations more than ever by containing our oils.

I am also the person that literally handed the TheraPro diffuser to Gary Young and placed it in his hands about 12 years ago in Ecuador when i went there for training. I had already been using this diffuser at that point for 5 years and it's the same diffuser i used to design the AromaDome. And i am still using the same diffuser 15 years later, and it works the exact same as when i first opened my box all those years ago! it’s never broken at all as long as I keep it clean it has worked for all these years. Trust me, i diffuse on a daily basis! It took about 2 years from the time i handed Gary Young this diffuser and until now Young Living has been selling this diffuser but has also chosen to stop selling it. Now hear me out on this because this is imperative for you to know. The manufacturer of this diffuser made me a special designed stainless steel attachment piece that is built into the diffuser so that it could work with AromaDome.  It is not a separate piece anyone can buy! So one end of the 6 foot tubing is placed on this special attachment piece and the other end attaches to the atomizer top which is screwed on to the 5 or 15 ml oil bottles to be placed up high in the special pocket i designed for optimal usage.

So we all know how easily and quickly rumors can be created and spread. All it would take is one distributor to be using whatever diffuser they may already have at home and placing it on the floor in the AromaDome, They for certain would not feel any benefit whatsoever or very little at the most and would then be at a meeting or class and say to their group members “don’t bother with getting an AromaDome®, it does not really do anything and this would only be because someone refused to buy the AromaDome package with my diffuser and use whichever diffuser they already had and with placing it on the floor which we all know now has little to no effect!.  They then would report to their team members that the AromaDome is bogus and does not do anything and from there rumors begin and spread like wildfire. If this were to happen it would create a horrible tragedy for the AromaDome to be misrepresented and it would be a done deal for any AromaDomes to be sold any longer!!! I also have warnings everywhere to absolutely NOT USE ANY ULTRASONIC WATER DIFFUSERS. There were two women that new of the warning but chose to experiment with using a ultrasonic water diffuser in the AromaDome and they both wound up be rushed to the emergency room and were diagnosed having advanced Pneumonia and Bronchitis. YOU NEVER WANT TO USE A WATER DIFFUSER IN AN ENCLOSED AREA PERIOD!!! 

I have also bought and provided a special half donut shaped stand that comes in my diffuser package so that you can use my diffuser which is called “The Advanced Diffuser” as a table top diffuser AND in the AromaDome! It’s a “twofer!” :) There is a 5 year warranty as well. It comes with two atomizer tops one for a 5ml bottle of oil and one for a 15 ml bottle of oil plus the 6 foot long tubing that is a non kinking material and The Advanced diffuser does not have a 3rd timer that will automatically shut down after the 3rd round of diffusing so if you are giving yourself an AromaDome session you absolutely do NOT want to fall asleep with the diffuser running on for 5 and off for 5 minutes for hours and hours while you snooze in the dome this is VERY dangerous and can easily throw you into a major detox. Our oils are very very powerful and it is already a lot more oil usage than putting the usual 1 or 2 drops on topically!!!

Lastly i must also bring to your attention that NO is the answer to buying some cheap kiddie play tent at a toy store or wherever. The material they use by law is covered with Polyurethane Chemicals and Fire Retardant chemicals as well. These are highly toxic and we know how our oils may dissolve petrochemicals. and being in an enclosed area can cause major brain damage and damage to your cells and blood. So please do not in any way entertain the idea of saving a few bucks and buying some cheap kiddie tent. I fought tooth and nail like crazy to not have to spray all my fabric with Polyurethane and Fire Retardant. There is not an ounce of any petrochemicals whatsoever on my fabrics to make your AromaDomes… Thank God!! That was a BIG fight but i absolutely refused this and with my tenacious manner i/we won!

Thank you so much for your patience and allowing me to explain in detail to you why i will never sell the AromaDome and diffuser separately. It was never to try to sell more domes or diffusers! It has always only been so you all can have the best and most benefit when using your AromaDome.

I am asking for your help to pass this letter along to your group members and on your Facebook page etc… I am getting bombarded with the request to buy the AromaDome separately and not my provided diffuser.

I have also made a dozen or more short instructional videos for you all. They are all on my website at under the tab "How To Use" all are from only 2-6 minutes long. Scroll down past the text and you will see them all there. Get a notebook and prepare to take notes! They will be most helpful for you to use your AromaDome in the highest way with the most benefit!

Stay tuned as i am making a new video soon on how to fold your AromaDome!!! There are ONLY two moves to fold it. I will film it using different camera angels to make certain you can easily follow along!

Please sign up for the AromaDome newsletter either on my AromaDome Facebook page or on my website  I will alert you when this new video is posted!

Also my 3rd edition of my book, ”AromaDome®, Changing Lives One Breath at a Time” is available on my website only!

If you are using my fully trademarked and registered name AromaDome® PLEASE i am trying so hard to brand AromaDome! Please spell it correctly one word like this AromaDome® with my trademark symbol. On a Mac you click on “Option R” to make the correct trademark symbol. I believe its the same on a PC

We are and will continue to "Change Lives One Breath at a Time!”

Blessings to you and your families for your lives filled with longevity and vibrant health and wellness!

Julie Chertow

Creator of AromaDome®