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Using Aroma Dome® and Emotions

Posted by Julie on

For those of you who have read my book you will be reminded of what I shared with you. Many of you are asking me how to use the AromaDome. There really is no one way. I encourage you all to experiment. What I have found after using mine for the last 7 years with friends and clients is that I find that switching the oils during one 15-minute session works really well. 
For example lets say you have the timer set for 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. I mostly will do 3 rounds unless someone needs more but it really does not take that much to get significant changes. 
Let’s say I am addressing an emotional issue. I may chose to start with Harmony oil to help open the chakras, so that there will be a better body environment in which to heal.  If our emotions are stored in our chakra’s  I want the chakras opened up before I start to address certain issues.  I know that if someone is full of anger and resentment I need to address this first before I can help assist someone to moving toward a deeper transformation in empowerment and joy.  So I will often diffuse Harmony oil for 5 minutes along with putting a drop on each chakra topically. I will then check in with my client to see how they are feeling. Maybe they tell me they feel more relaxed more open and that is information for me. This is telling me the Harmony oil has taken effect. Now I am ready to go to the next. 
Maybe I see they are feeling very shut down and restricted.  So I may choose to diffuse Surrender oil next. Remember in between diffusing sessions the oil molecules are filled inside the AromaDome and so to not waste these precious oil molecules that can be doing a lot of good, I always remind myself or others to continue breathing deeply when the diffuser timer is in the 5 minute off mode. 
So maybe my client is feeling less protective, maybe they are crying now, maybe they tell me they are starting to feel a lot of anger arise. That is information to me.  Now it is obvious to me that they are now ready to release some of their anger and resentment and the oil for this is Release. It releases anger and resentment that gets stored in the liver.  Anger and resentment is definitely an important emotion to work on releasing if we want to get to the place of acceptance. There really is no one way to do this but like I shared in my book, find what works for you.  
Gary Young teaches us if an oil doesn’t work in 60 seconds, go to the next. We all have different receptors and so we need to do some trial and error and find what our own personal receptors resonate to. Make sure you write down your oils that you resonate with, and always remember to breathe deeply while in the AromaDome. No breath, no change!