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AromaDome® is revolutionizing the world of Aromatherapy!

AromaDome® is beckoning and calling humanity to reach within and become one with their breath. This could be the single most important and powerful purpose in one’s life. The answer we all seek is in the breath.

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We have international diffusers for UK/Asia, Europe, & Australia  

Julie's book, "AromaDome Changing Lives One Breath at a Time"

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When we do this and focus like this, we are literally creating new neuro-pathways for a new consciousness to flow through our brain. We are creating a new heaven of goodness and joy and peace and health in our brain. See AromaDome as portal of peace, as a pyramid of light, as a place for possibility, and use it to truly create a new you. It will build new receptacles in your brain for a new way of being. You will become everything you want to be according to your intention. Have fun with this. Get outrageous!

From the book, Aroma Dome Changing Lives One Breath at a Time, by Julie Chertow

Listen to Julie Chertow sharing everything about Aroma Dome® from A to Z on one of Jen Springer’s weekly calls.

Pat Monahan lead singer of the band "Train" gives a big shout out for AromaDome® at Young Living's 20th anniversary convention!


When inventor Julie Chertow first showed Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils the Aroma Dome®, he said...

"I'll be darned. I've been putting towels over my head for 30 years. This is brilliant."

Marc Schreuder was the head of research and formulations at Young Living Essential Oils for many years. He is very well known and respected. He compared using the Aroma Dome®  to diffusing oils in a room, saying...

"It's a way to swaddle yourself with oils without wasting any. ...It's like getting a therapeutic amount of oils in a gentle way."

David Stewart PhD, Author of many books on essential oils, and the founder of the CARE trainings programs, said about "Aroma Dome®, Changing Lives One Breath at a Time" by Julie Chertow,

"It is one of the most beautiful books I have seen yet on essential oils. You said it took you only two weeks to write the book, but I see twenty years of research and experience in that book. Thanks for sharing so much and with such conviction and enthusiasm. There is so much information and wisdom in there that everyone who uses YL Essential Oils can use. I especially appreciated your commentary and insight into the emotional releasing aspects of the oils, which are, perhaps, the most important features of all. Thank you for expressing your experience so well and in such a way that we can all benefit, even those of use who have been doing emotional releasing with oils for years."