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AromaDome® Deluxe Package with Book

6.00 LBS
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Product Description

Aroma Dome® Deluxe Package with Book

Aroma Dome® is a custom designed enclosure for use with the diffusion of therapeutic grade essential oils. Our Advanced Diffuser uses only cold air, no heat or water, to atomize essential oils without damaging their molecular structure or powerful therapeutic properties. 

The AromaDome® and our Advanced Diffuser are designed to work together to maximize the delivery of the essential oils mist stream to the user.  The Deluxe Package also comes with two (2) timers so the user can set the intervals of diffusion and the overall length of Aroma Dome® sessions, as well as two (2) adapter tops for a 5ml and a 15ml bottle of essential oil, and comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

We are now offering Electrical Plug Types that are Standard Types for North America, UK/Asia, Continental Europe and Australia. Make sure to Select the CORRECT Standard Electrical Plug that is used in your country.



This Package includes the book, AromaDome: Changing Lives One Breath at a Time by Julie Chertow. 

"Changing Lives One Breath at a Time, by Julie Chertow, is one of the most beautiful books I have yet to see and read on essential oils. I love the cover, as well as the color photos inside. Julie says she wrote it in just two weeks of intense concentration to meet a deadline, but what she has condensed there is a lifetime of contemplation and learning. I see twenty years of research and experience in that book. There is so much information and wisdom in there that can benefit anyone who uses therapeutic grade, Young Living Essential Oils. I especially appreciated her commentary and insight into the emotional releasing aspects of the oils, which are, perhaps, the most important features of all. I am grateful that Julie has expressed her experience and knowledge so well, and in such a way that we can all benefit, even those of us who are long time veterans of the oils and have been doing emotional releasing with them for years. Thanks, Julie, for sharing so much, and with such conviction and enthusiasm."

David Stewart, PhD,  Author of 17 books including Healing Oils of the Bible






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  1. Whole Body Health to a New Level

    Posted by Brenda on 13th Jul 2015

    Ordering the AromaDome was easy and waiting was the difficulty part. It was being manufactured and was worth the wait. I was happy that I could order so easily. I have always been informed with any updates and receiving feedback was amazing. Sorry this took so long to find in my inbox to write a review.

  2. fantastic experience

    Posted by Brian on 29th Apr 2015

    Cannot express how powerful the AromaDome has been specifically while using Young Living Oils. Just a 180 degree change in our results. I've found 3 other people who also will be purchasing one.

  3. Breath of a great product

    Posted by Priceless.Oil on 31st Mar 2015

    Excellent investment for me and my health. Now I share it with everyone that will listen to me about the many benefits of diffusing Young Living Essential Oils in the Aromadome!

  4. Great purchase!

    Posted by Lisa on 19th Mar 2015

    I like how portable this is. Have not used it yet but can't wait!

  5. Spinal misalignments stay in line.

    Posted by Pamela on 19th Mar 2015

    After working on people for over 30 years as a chiropractic and using other oils, NOTHING beats the aromadome and YL. I am happy to say that people are holding their adjustments better because they are releasing the emotions that are attached to the misalignment. Thank you so much for the aromadome and all of the wonderful information in your book.

  6. Amazing new tool!

    Posted by Jesama Mullen on 9th Mar 2015

    I like the enclosed dome. Works well--- only used a few days now. This will be a daily activity for me.
    Really clears the mind and head Ive noticed.
    Want to share with my clients . Thanks for putting your ideas into a really thing!!!!

  7. Quality, Design & Function of Aroma Dome

    Posted by Stanlee Palmisano on 24th Feb 2015

    I first saw an Aroma Dome at the Young Living Convention in 2015 and thought this is something very interesting! A domed tent like structure made of extremely light fabric that encloses the body entirely from head to approximately the hips, depending on the height of body. It's intent is to capture and concentrate molecules of Young Living pure therapeutic grade essential oils in an enclosed area so the person in the Aroma Dome can breathe in those molecules into the body that helps balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions that arise in our lives. The focus is on the deep breathing of these molecules.
    The design of the Aroma Dome is extremely easy to use. The AD has no bottom, so it can be placed over the person after they lie down on a massage table, or on the floor, no crawling necessary. There are pockets inside the dome to place the bottle strategically for the essential oils to be properly diffused throughout . The diffuser itself sits outside the dome. A long tube attaches to the air pressure nozzle on the diffuser on one end and to a small device that holds the bottle of essential oil that sits in the pocket inside the AD and disperses the pure concentrated molecules for inhaling. The recipient inside the dome experiences a very relaxing atmosphere allowing the oils to be infused into the body, mind, emotions and spirit. For anyone who feels closed in, there is a front zipper that zips up and flaps open the for comfort.
    Julie came to NJ for Aroma Dome Training in a room of over 100 participants, There were 'Domes' all over the room and I didn't hear or see anyone have difficulty with the 'how to's' using the tent. There were 2-3 participants to an AD and we all found it to to be Quick, Easy and Convenient! The participants experienced immediate effects after a session in the Dome and the benefits are known to last for days and even weeks.
    Thank you Julie for the amount of thought, time and effort in building the AROMA DOME that creates the HOLY SHIFT

  8. The Best Ever

    Posted by Donna on 23rd Feb 2015

    The aroma dome is the best aromatherapy tool I have ever bought! I just love love love it! The diffuser is my favorite difusser. So surprised on the small amount of oil for the energy. Worth every penny.

  9. Awesome Product!

    Posted by Lori Ann & Eric Borino on 20th Feb 2015

    My husband and I love the AromaDome! It is a fantastic product!! We have used it several times a week since we received it. It helps us to relax quickly and more than anything that we have ever used. And we sleep more deeply too.. It has also helped when we have felt a cold coming on - we took out the AromaDome and just 2 rounds of 5 min. and no cold!! for which I am very grateful. I love the book too. I am so grateful that cost of the AromaDome is so affordable!! And love that it came with everything that you needed to use it as soon as, you receive it. I am looking forward to attending the AromaDome class. Thank you Julie for creating such an amazing and much needed product!

  10. Wonderful!

    Posted by Tina on 16th Feb 2015

    My 10yo daughter and I love the AromaDome! It has helped me stop and relax and for that I am grateful.

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