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Welcome to AromaDome® How-To Use!  
If you find your questions are not answered here or in the videos below, please check the FAQ on the site and then email us at if still unanswered.
AromaDome® is an easy-to-use tool, a whole new way to use our amazing Young Living Essential Oils!  
PLEASE NOTE: The specific guidelines for AromaDome® use have been developed through years of testing and experimentation. They have been designed for your safety and ease. Follow them closely and you will be rewarded with a joyful practice for you and your clients!
For maximum results there are several important points to keep in mind:
1. Use pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  We HIGHLY recommend Young Living Essential Oils.  Always pay attention to and take care of your body when you are healing or even just enhancing your general well being. 
2. Understand the Timers on the Whisper™ Diffuser and Use the Timers correctly.  
3. Keep your AromaDome® away from heat sources.
4. Watch the Instruction Videos!  See below!

1. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are a very powerful healing modality.  Some people may experience a detoxification process from the use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  This is not a bad thing.  It had been found useful to drink plenty of water, get alkalined and slow down the usage of oils if needed.  It may be useful to remember that dietary habits and the environments in which we live may have cumulative effects on the human body where toxins, heavy metals and wastes may accumulate.  Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils may be found to be cleansing of these things.  

Using the AromaDome® with essential oils that are adulterated with synthetic and/or chemical additives may be harmful to your health.



The Whisper™ Diffuser comes with 3 different kinds of Timers.

There here is One External Session Timer that plugs in to an Electrical Outlet; and are Two Timers on the Diffuser Pump itself: One Increment Run Timer and One Increment Pause Timer.

When you prepare for an AromaDome® session, you will first set the Session Timer for the desired session time.  The plug the External Session Timer into the electrical outlet.  And then plug the diffuser plug into the External Session Timer.  The Diffuser will turn off completely at the end of the time period you have set on the External Session Timer. It is not recommended to diffuse for longer than 30 minutes.  

Then you will then set the Increment Run Timer and the Increment Pause Timer -  these are both located on the diffuser pump.  This will make the diffuser diffuse for time Run Time your have set and stop for the Pause Time you have set.  Then it will start running again. So the diffuser diffuses, pauses, diffuses, pauses, etc, etc.  

If the user is new to AromaDome® or the usage of therapeutic grade essential oils, start with 3 minutes for the Run and Pauser Timers.  You might decide to work up to 5 minutes each.

Remember to keep breathing consciously throughout!

WATCH THE VIDEO Use your Breath & Intention in Your AromaDome®

Remember, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the Session Timer on the Whisper™ is set to shut off completely within 30 minutes. 





(This is also again why we are adamant that no one should be using a commercial tent or children's tent in place of AromaDome®.  Therapeutic grade essential oils have been scientifically proven to digest petrochemicals.  If tent fabric has chemical coating, the chemicals could fill the tent and be breathed.  We did not bring forth AromaDome® so that chemical leeching could occur in a makeshift setting.  AromaDome® is specifically designed for healthful use.) 



  1. Select your desired bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil. 
  2. Select either the 5ml adapter top or the 15ml adapter top, based on the size of bottle. 
  3. Remove the cap and plastic orifice from the bottle – PERMANENTLY REMOVE THE PLASTIC RING from the neck of the oil bottle.  Just pull it off!  You must remove it for your diffusion to work.
  4. Attach the Diffuser Atomizer Top to the oil bottle by holding the Atomizer Top in place and turning the oil bottle until secure. 
  5. Grasp the Plastic Tube and connect the plastic end of the tube to the Atomizer Top that is now on the oil bottle. 
  6. Place the oil bottle in the Crescent-Shaped Stand to keep it upright until you are ready to place the oil bottle into the AromaDome. 
  7. Grasp the opposite end of the Plastic Tube, that has a small metal tip, and connect the metal tip of the tube to the airflow output nozzle on the Diffuser Pump. 
  8. Ensure that there are no kinks in the hose. Turn on the Diffuser to test and verify that the hose connection between the Diffuser Pump and Atomizer Top is secure and that oil vapor is being created. 
  9. Turn off the Diffuser and continue setup of your AromaDome.



Please enjoy our engaging and helpful instructional videos!


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How to Set Up Your AromaDome® on a Massage Table
The same procedure can be used on a bed, on the floor or on any flat surface where the user can lay down comfortably. 


How to Set Up Your Diffuser for Your AromaDome® Session 
Please note: it is imperative that you are using the right kind of diffuser, like the kind that comes in your AromaDome® Deluxe Package.  DO NOT use a diffuser that has a nebulizer that sits on the floor.  


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