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Our new diffusers are in!

Posted by Julie Chertow - Creator of AromaDome® on 29th Sep 2015

Hello AromaDome® community!

We now have our brand new diffusers in! The Whisperer diffuser was a temporary solution for the time being. The "Advanced" diffuser is our new one. It comes with either 110V or 220V for international usage. We have them available with plugs for Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the UK, all over Europe & Australia. Just make certain when you are placing your order on that after you click on the diffuser package that you select which country you are purchasing the diffuser for.  It is like the TheraPro diffuser that Young Living sells but is special made with the proper hose and attachment necessary to use with your AromaDome.  Please remember that i thoroughly tested with over 100 people using a diffuser that was placed on the ground next to the person in the AromaDome. The response was the same with ALL 100 people. " What am i supposed to be feeling here? "Is your diffuser working?"  "Something is wrong with your diffuser" "I think your diffuser is clogged up"  So i personally went in after hearing this same response over and over again to find out why they were all saying this. What i observed right away, were the oil molecules were coming out just fine but were falling to the floor immediately! So they were not circulating up high enough to be absorbed by the person in the dome.  This is when i redesigned the pocket in which the atomizer top either for a 5ml oil bottle or a 15ml oil bottle needed to be placed for optimal effects. I got a 100% confirmation from Gary Young himself letting me know that he also felt that the oil bottle being placed up high above the zipper was the # 1 best place for optimal effects. The two pockets in the back below the window are for placing two extra oil bottles if you are giving yourself a treatment  and will be switching oils for each 5 minutes of suggested diffusion.  We are excited to introduce our new color choice of AromaDomes by mid November!  We will announce closer to this date and have a photo for you on

For detailed usage of your AromaDome please watch all 13 short videos we have  made for you all on how to have your best experience in your AromaDome®. They are posted on under "How To Use" as well as on YouTube. Just search "AromaDome"

YES! We are Changing Lives One Breath at a Time!

I wish you all a life filled with wellness, purpose and abundance always in all ways!

Julie Chertow

Creator of AromaDome® and author of, "AromaDome, Changing Lives One Breath at a Time"